Practical and Welfare Support Service

Through this service we practically support clients with any issue they struggle with in order to enable, encourage and motivate them to move forward to a confident place.  Support includes:

  • General information and guidance;
  • Working in partnership with NBAC to provide welfare benefits advice, support and guidance;
  • Working in partnership with other organisations to provide debt, budgeting and money management support;
  • Filling out official forms;
  • Information and guidance;
  • Reading/writing official letters;
  • Making phone calls on behalf of clients;
  • Advocacy;
  • Information on relevant local activities, groups and services;
  • Accompanying clients to other services if required;
  • Supporting clients and volunteers to find and enrol for courses/training relevant to their careers;
  • Respond to general enquiries;
  • Work with partners and provide food, utility, clothing vouchers and transport vouchers.

If we cannot provide support for anything, we would research and point clients in the right direction.

Welfare Benefits Support:  Our Community Advice Champions can help.  More information HERE