The Freedom Programme and B@ck on Tr@ck – Support Groups for Women and Young People

The Freedom Programme is now being run by Survive.  All courses are open to women from any area and they have a specialised programme for younger women aged 16-24.  all programmes are free and have a creche.

  • Working towards freedom from domestic abuse – more information >>
  • Support Group for young people aged 11-17 affected by previous abuse or violence in the home – more information >>
  • Support Group for 7-11 year olds affected by previous abuse or violence in the home – more information >>

A beautiful new home for our bikes!

Last year the Kingsmeadow Flat received funding to buy a fleet of bikes for local residents to borrow for free. Originally, the bikes were to be housed in the Flat’s garage, but we have found that more room is needed! So we will be looking for your thoughts on a proposal to put a small contained by the ball court to house the bikes. No one wants to look at just a plain old container, so the plan is for renowned local graffiti artist Andy Council to work with local young people to design murals to make the container look amazing!

New Play Equipment for the Green

Based on results from South Gloucestershire’s consultations, there will be a new embankment slide and basket swing installed in the play area and a new ‘supernova’ roundabout by the ball court. Following comments from some residents, some small trees will be planted in the middle of the green so that they won’t shade out nearby houses. These trees will help screen the new eqiupment from residents overlooking the green. The money for this work is being provided by local Ward Councillors.

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